Kindle Fire – not an iPad competitor

Amazon’s announcement of the Kindle Fire underwhelmed me and apparently many others. Bill Shope of Goldman Sachs wrote “We continue to believe that Apple’s thriving app ecosystem provides it with a critical source of competitive advantage in tablets, and the Kindle Fire does not seem to be targeting this strength. Indeed, Amazon’s tablet business model would suggest that a lower-end market is forming for users that need a dedicated media consumption platform, with limited compute capabilities. As such, this seems to be more of a high-powered e-reader approach rather than a tablet that is capable of replacing a PC or an iPad.”

While the price is super aggressive, the capabilities seem to match the price – low. Its small screen and limited web browsing, as well as an unknown ability for app expansion, match well with the existing Kindles. I like its network connectivity and the color screen. My Kindles generally have a battery life measured in many weeks. Color backlit screens have severely limited battery life.

I am a bit surprised at this offering. I expected Amazon , which certainly has the marketing muscle, the content, and evident hardware build capability, to mount a better charge at the iPad. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad. Just looking for reasonable competition.