Fascinating: sneakers, welding, brittle analysis

Just browsing new product announcements today, and I discovered three that fascinated me. I think you will find them interesting also. They involve sneakers that feel and act like running in bare feet, a new method that GE is using to weld even thick metals in one pass, and the publication by an Alabama professor of a new math model for analyzing brittle Materials under High Speed Impact (especially useful for aircraft windows). Here are the links:

Reebok bare feeling sneakers: http://bit.ly/fANF0N

Sensor sneakers feel like bare feet

Brittle analysis: http://bit.ly/fAIoYK

GE welding: http://bit.ly/h1xghD

GEs Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (HLAW) System

GE’s HLAW system welding a steel pipe. At 20 kW, GE’s system is one of the largest HLAW facilities in North America. It wields enough power to weld steels nearly one-inch thick in a single pass versus the up to a half dozen passes required with current welding technologies.

I found the GE welding video at the link above to be particularly interesting.


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