SolidWorks World 2010-Sunday Anaheim CA

Arrived a few days early for some internal TechniCom meetings. Bumped into a cadre of analysts Sunday in the press room: Evan Yares, Dave Cohn, Ken Wong, Randall Newton, Jeff Rowe. While there Jeff Ray, SolidWorks CEO, stopped by to chat with the group. He dropped a few tidbits. SWW 2010 attendance is UP substantially over 2009. A real shocker given the economy. For the first time SolidWorks will be doing a technology preview on Monday. Speculation is rife about what it could be – new display technology? SW on a MAC?

Jeff Ray was pround of surviving the economy the last 18 months witout any lauoffs – a real feat! He expanded R&D instead. The next few days may reveal what the increase accomplished.

At the exhibition preview some hot vendor booths were Solido and InfiniteZ. Solido displayed a new approach and pricing for RP using autofed plastic rolls, gluing the sheets together and using antiglue (?) where needed. InfiniteZ previewed a stereoscopic display using eye tracking glasses to view an almost holographic image. Wow! 3D displays for 3D work. A great idea.

More to come later today.

Other notables spotted: Jon Hirschtick, Jay Vleeschhouwer, Scott Harris, Aaron Kelly.

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