Simulia’s DesignSight Structure explored

Earlier this week we had a chance to check out Dassault Systemes’ DesignSight Structure (DSS) offering from Simulia via a WebEx demo. DSS, aimed at designers rather than analysis specialists, provides a menu guided (flow based) approach to structural analysis for parts. Users follow the menu guidance to apply materials, boundary conditions and loads, achieving simulation results without even viewing a mesh of the part. DSS uses the Abaqus solver, providing for linear, non-linear solutions and large geometry effects, all hidden from the user.

We found the software easy to use, particularly within the V6, 3DLive-like user environment. Parts were easy to search for, with an easy way to break assemblies into their component parts, all visually displayed on the “turntable.” Supporting this UI is a requirement to use the underlying PDM software structure of Enovia V6. Thus, V6 rests on an Enovia base.

DSS is now Simulia’s only V6 native simulation offering for V6. Users creating models and desiring advanced simulation within V6 need to use the standalone Simulia software. Eventually, V6 expert FEA users will eventually have available a portfolio of Simulia software. No dates were given.

The example we looked at involved a plastic shell that, after the first analysis, needed additional support to eliminate too much flexibility for the simulated stress, while also keeping its weight down. Ribs were added using Catia plastic feature functions, then re-simulated. A cycle we repeated once more until we were satisfied with the results. No inherent design optimization exists yet. With the recent Engineous Software acquisition, we expect such optimization will soon be accomplished using Isight. For more information on Isight, see

In all, a very impressive and well thought out offering.

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