Choosing the right PLM system

Interested readers can listen to the webcast replay discussing the Buyer’s Guide: Selecting and Evaluating the Right PLM System,” written by TechniCom and Tech-Clarity just last Summer. The Buyers Guide covers:

  • How to determine the need for a new or expanded PLM solution
  • What a new system should include, and what it should cost
  • How to establish management, functional, technical and integration requirements
  • How to conduct an evaluation and select a vendor

All from a small – medium business point of view. The best way to get to the webcast is to go to and search for “buyer’s guide”.

Readers can get a copy of the white paper that goes along with this from the website. Click here.

Down the hatch for SGI

Guess they lost their way a long time ago. It comes from not having a sustainable technology advantage and not having the gumption to continually reinvent themselves. Their incredible graphics lead was chipped away by much lower cost graphics cards, such as those from Nvidia, while their CPU performance was no match for low cost servers. Rackable Systems is the new owner of what is left of the assets. Click on their link to view the management, very few of whom are from the old SGI.